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Is there anyplace in S.C. that isn't swamp?

I just moved here to Myrtle Beach and have been doing some deer scouting. So far I scouted LewisOcean Bay preserve and the Bucksport WMA and the Waccamaw River Preserve and also the Lower end of the Marion Forest. I seen nothing but swamp,swamp,and more swamp. Is there no where to hunt in this state where you can walk and not be in swamp?

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Is there anyplace in S.C. that isn't swamp?

Not really. You have to go to the upstate for that. If you think it is bad now, wait till we get some good rain. It is alot different hunting here than the hardwoods from up north.

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Is there anyplace in S.C. that isn't swamp?

Try Pee Dee Station. There you will find the best population fo deer right at the edge of the high ground and the swamp. LOL None the less the high ground stays dry and fairly easy to get around on. Marsh furniture is real tough going and lots of SWAMP. You might also look into some of the wmas up towards Cheraw Society Hill that is a totally different type of terrain.

Still havent made it down to Woodnerry to even scout. In fact i havent even been huting myself yet. Its just not time to get serious about it yet IMO. Mid October is when the good hunting comes in around here.

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Is there anyplace in S.C. that isn't swamp?

any where near the costal region is just gonna be swamp. i live in the sandhills region and there is some swamp near rivers and streams but for the most part there isnt any.

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