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Makes me sick

For these A-holes that take trophies that they didn’t shoot … why you would do that I have no idea.  I take a great pride with any animal I kill I brag about my does as much as I do about my bucks. 

 So when this A-hole has friends over to show off not-their antlers on the wall.  I can only imagine what kind of stories they must come up with.  I’m sure they don’t brag about walking up on a DEAD 180 inch buck unless they are bragging about how fast they got it off the mountain before the hunter that killed it came along. 

 How could they be proud of that trophy? 

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Almost every year I find the

Almost every year I find the remains of an elk that had been shot by someone that was not able to track it and recover it.

I tend to see this more from the perspective of the person who recovers the animal.  Everyone I know when they hear shots will stop and take a position on the chance that animals may be moving through.  If one of those animals is wounded it would be unethical not to select that animal and finish it.  (I've even heard some hunters say they would finish it even if it did not match tag they held because they answer to a higher authority).

What happens next depends on a lot of things.  I would field dress it of course.  If the animal was a trophy, or if it was a young man, or someone whom I knew didn't get a lot of opportunities (like someone from out of state), then I would probably hope that they wanted it and urge them to take it.  I'd probably even offer to help them with it.  (To me trophys mean nothing unless they are DIY, public land, and pretty much earned the hard way.)

On the other hand if someone immediately accused me of 'stealing' their animal, or more likely, if some outfitter tried to bully me into giving it up by claiming their client shot it first and is 'entitled' then I would have the DOW involved.

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