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theft of africa's resources

i found this today:

Five more countries to buy animals from Zim

Eyewitness News | 5 Hours Ago

First it was North Korea, now another five countries want to buy wild
animals from Zimbabwe.

Conservationists have been up in arms about the planned shipment of pairs of
animals from Hwange National Park to a zoo in Pyongyang.

The National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority did not name the five
other countries keen to buy animals from Zimbabwe. But the authority
insisted that North Korea is paying for its animals.

Officials told the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force that two elephants bound
for North Korea were being sold for US$ 9,000 each

The task force said that was not enough.

Chairman Johnny Rodrigues said these kinds of prices would only cover a
small percentage of the cost of running Zimbabwe's beautiful national parks.

Rodrigues told Eyewitness News it would be more sensible for national parks
to earn money by promoting tourism instead of shipping out its animals.

this is just too sad for words Brick Wall,)

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I guess I'm just glad that we

I guess I'm just glad that we have the National Park Service that we have. Our natural resource agencies seem to be the models of conservation that countries around the world aspire to.

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Maybe I am missing something,

Maybe I am missing something, but I am not seeing the travesty of selling animals to other countries.  It would be one thing if they were endangered, but if they have a healthy sustainable population, then what is the problem?

Zoos purchase animals on a regular basis and maybe the 9000 is too low of a price, but I am not seeing the problem with doing it if they have enough animals to remove a couple from the herd without negatively impacting it.

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