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That's a hell of a turkey!

Oddly enough, there was an ostrich farm not far from where we lived in Okinawa. You could buy meat, eggs, things made from egg shells, etc. I chaperoned a school field trip there, and I got quite a chuckle when a sign in English said for a particular price you could "mount the ostrich."

My first thought was that I'd taken a wrong turn to Tijuana, and I hoped no one would do it while we had all the kindergarteners there. But a closer look showed that they'd actually put you on top of the ostrich and let you ride it. Needless to say, they didn't have Thehuntingagency's pictures.

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That's a hell of a turkey!


Funny that - I was in Gatorland Zoo back in '85 when you could buy bags of fresh(ish) fish to feed the alligators - one of my favourite personal photo's see's me sitting on a boardwalk with my feet in the water with my arm outstretched slapping a 'gator round the chops with one - it was only about 12 ft long, but long enough!

I've not been back in 20+ years but often wonder if you can still buy bags of fish!

Incidentally, I'm not brave or that stupid and had been told it was 'cool' to do it by the staff - no, really - but that was before I saw the things propel themselves several feet out of the water, straight up - at chickens suspended over the feeding pool - not everyone can trace back the origins of their first grey hairs - but I can!

Hi again BunnySlayer - nothing quite like the smell of woodsmoke and the heat from a camp fire - I sleep out in Namibia while I'm there - it's not likely to rain and while it's cold, there just isn't anything quite like it - except you always have to have a rifle and shotgun handy, just in case!



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