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Thanksgiving in May

I hadn't really been too serious about turkey hunting this year and was more interesting in shed hunting and scouting.  Went out west to where I killed a bull back in 2009, as we saw a ton of turkey sign there that fall.  However, we couldn't find a track or turd to save our lives.  Saw hundreds of deer and a few elk, but no luck on the turkeys.  So, after we got some additional scouting done, we decided to fold up shop and head towards some new country.  We pulled in at dusk, drove into a little campsite at dusk, mostly planning on drinking beer for the night and taking a stab at the turkeys in the morning.  As we got out, we noticed turkey tracks all over the campground.  Then we busted a hen right out of her roost.  We quickly backed out of there, and headed to some higher ground to set up camp.  Went back in the morning, set out a few dekes, and Ryan called in this tom a few minutes after dawn.  Also had a jake or hen fly into the decoy spread as the tom was coming in.  Kinda random.

Also got some grouse displays on video and tried to video part of this hunt.  

Turkey video


Grouse video:



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Congrats!  It is always nice

Congrats!  It is always nice when things work out.  Thanks for sharing the pics. 

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Congratulations on your

Congratulations on your success and thank for sharing that great footage. I really enjoyed the grouse as I have only seen that behavior once before.

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Very nice!  In that second

Very nice!  In that second photo, looks like the road has taken a pretty good beating.

I used to hunt grouse (partridge) back home in Vermont.  One of my favorite things.  A little different then your grouse, but I bet they all taste good. Wink

Great turkey!  Congrats!

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that's a great looking turkey

that's a great looking turkey tail!

congrats on the turkey.

i find the grouse particularly interesting as well. i've never witnessed that behavior in person. but mostly, i've only seen sharptail grouse when i was in alaska, and boy do they taste great... especially when you cook them fresh, and wrapped in bacon. I'm not entirely sure if it's the bacon that makes it awesome, or if it's just the grouse tasting good? but grouse breast is something i wish i was eating right now!

thanks for the photo's.

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Very Cool !!!!


A huge congrats on the turkey and some great video of both !!!! Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Thumbs up

I not only enjoy watching the mating activities of the male grouse, but I too enjavoying eating them with anything (bacon is quite nice with it).

CaVermonster that road has been like that for some time !!!!!  Yes


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Nice turkey, and thats a pretty cool video of the grouse! Im kinda pumped to hunt turkeys in the fall now. Since I did not get a chance to get a tag this spring.


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