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Text book kill ( Kinda)

So this is the story of myfirst deer!

    It started with a plethora of scouting and trail clearing, in the same area I watched a spike all last season. After I felt I had this guys movements down ( even though I never saw him while scouting) I took my rifle to the desert to check and make sure my scope was sighted in. After a few hours of shooting I felt comfortable with it and put it away on the ground next to the truck. I woke to shoot some more and could not even hit paper. I was out of ammo and frustrated. I realized that    Someone in our drunken stupper the night before must have stepped on it. With no time to get to the range before opening day I barrowed my buddies 30-30 that I haven't shot in over a year in a half.

        On opening day I got to my rock that over looks a field right at shooting time! All antsy and excited I could not sit stil, jumping on my rock and off and back again thinking wats more comfortable, am I ridge lining my self blah blah blah, fifteen minuts later at 6:45 am, a forky was halfway across the field about a hundred yards away, I got so excited and kept staring through my binocs to triple check my target, when I decided it was okay he was already walking off the back of the field.. From all of my scouting I knew there was a horse shoe like trail on the side of the field so I took off running down the opposite side of the trail to cut him off. I got back there and jumPed on a rock to get a view and saw his tail twitch from behind a bush about fifty yard away, so I started looking at him with my binocs again then realized I should just shoot him, he was. COmpleatly broad side staring right at me. As I started to aim my rifle he started bouncing away. I pulled the trigger. I was sure I missed. I almost gave up right there. But I decided to run the way he did. It dropped off real steep so I started jumping down the rocks to catch up, I jumped down about Fifty feet of boulders and could not see him, I jumped down one more rock, to my disbeliefe he was dead at my feet! Perfect shot placement right behind the shoulder out the chest! 

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Nice!  D-16, correct? 

Nice!  D-16, correct?  Congrats!! Tough enough to get a deer here in SoCal, but to make it your first is all the more impressive! Let's see some photos!!!

I made it out opening day.  Saw tons of sign, but couldn't find any live critters.  Haven't been out since, cause I head to Vermont in 3 days for rifle up there.  Hopefully when I get back to San Diego I will get a chance to get out again.


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Good Job on your first!

Back it up with some pics.