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Texas Hunter - Utah Tag Drawn - Help Needed
I put my dad and I in for Utah for the first time this year. I put him in for the Meadowville Cache. I never dreamed either one of us would draw a tag in our first year. I did not, but my dad did. He drew the Meadowville Cache on Friday. When doing my research for the draws, I got so wrapped up in harvest success, I assumed that there would be pretty decent public grounds to hunt on. Apparently I was very wrong for assuming that. I understand there might be one area for public hunting, but I have been told we had better know a landowner if we care to have a chance at a bull. I am trying to find a landowner that will allow us to hunt on their property and not make me mortgage my home to do so. Does anyone have any experience in this unit? Pretty good bulls? How open are the landowners to allowing out-of-state hunters access to their property? We are both responsible hunters. He is a retired Game Warden here in Texas and was a hunters education instructor for 31 years, so we're both safe and know how to respect the landowners property. Any help or words of wisdom would be appreciated.
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Very nice, congrats on the

Very nice, congrats on the tag!

Hopefully you will find some info on here, or another site, to direct you towards a landowner who will let you hunt elk.  Don't want that tag to go to waste.... Wink

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