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Texas Hog Hunt

Does anybody have any info on some good public hunting areas to hunt hogs in Texas?  I have been twice and the first time was a total disaster.  We got stormed on the 4 days that we were there.  Didnt really get much hunting in.  Spent most of the time trying to wade thru the timber in waste high water.  The yr we went they said they had more rain than they had in the last 5 yrs combined.  The second time we went we paid a guide.  He was getting $800 a day from our group and didnt hold to what he had talked about.  He was all about running his dog.  And thats fine but my style is spot and stalk or sitting and waiting.  I see the rush in running in and stabbing one while a pitbull holds it down, but yet thats not the challenge Im looking for.  I want to try the great state one more time and hopefully have better success.  I like the challenge of doing it on my own, plus I save money not paying a guide.  Just have to find the best spots on public ground tho.

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