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texas draw hunt

i entered several draw hunts put on by the texas parks and wildlife depts and was drawn for one on honey creek natural area, a little north of san antonio.  it was a five day hunt, mon thru friday, and the little notice with the hunt said five antlerless or spike whitetails could be shot, any exotics seen and any feral hogs.  the brochure quoted a 46% success rate for the hunt.  each hunter is assigned a blind with a corn feeder at the end of the trail or road and hunts exclusively from that blind.  the hunter is required to be in the blind from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. til 6:0 p.m., so other hunters will not be bothered by traffic.  i saw 4 squirrels, 4 cardinals, a brief glimpse of one small hog which did not go to the feeder at all, and 10 turkeys, which were out of season.  i never saw a single deer, exotic, or shootable hog in all that time.  i even stayed in the blind all day just in case on one  of the days.  some days i heard no shots from up to thirty hunters in the area.   it was kind of a bummer to see so little.  but that is hunting.  however, i will not put in for that draw again. Yes

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At least you got drawn. I've

At least you got drawn. I've been putting in for those hunts since 2004. I have only drawn a permit once once. Better luck next time.  Thumbs up