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terrain in 5,13,131 and 441

I'm trying to get info on the terrain in units 5,13,131 and 441. I've hunted around montrose and pagosa springs and wanted to move up north but have bad knees and can't walk more than a mile or 2 miles. Any info I would appreciate.

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terrain in 5,13,131 and 441

Not as much vertical climbing, some places not too steep others are. Check out google earth good way to get a feel of a place. Lots of folks in those units though. Any other questions feel free.

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terrain in 5,13,131 and 441

I'd say most of unit 4 has fairly gentle terrain, as far as elk country goes. The national forest in 5 is reasonable too, the BLM in 5 is much steeper.
The public land in 13 is wicked steep, 131 I'm not sure about, as there isn't much public land. Just some STL I think.
Another unit with fairly gentle ground and decent roads is unit 70.
I'm not sure why you were interested in those units, but if it's because of the success rates, they can be misleading in units with large amounts of private land, unless that's what you're looking for.

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