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On my upcomming elk hunt, what kind of terrain should I cover during and just after the rut? Big smile

Should I concentrate on high altitudes due to the warm weather?? Think

Should I cover wallows early/late in the day and benches/forested areas during midday??? Confused Thanks

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Re: Terrain

Yes, during the rut, depending of course on the terrain available, you'll want to focus on high altitude areas with water. Sometimes it will be up near timberline, other times you will have to descend to the main creek and river drainages to find areas that have all of the habitat requirements for 20 plus elk. It takes a lot of feed for all of those cows, so they probably won't stray more than a half mile from a good, undisturbed food source. But that could also be a 1,500 foot vertical difference onto private meadows at night, then climbing back up the mountain to bed in the timber during the day. Just depends on the area and what's available for food, water and cover.

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Re: Terrain

Do not overlook low altitude dark draws. If the area is new, spend a night or out of camp and just listen. Get somewhat high, so you can hear well for long distance and just sit. All N or NE facing slpoes are possibilities. Especially if they have food cover and water. Just after the rut bulls like high places with lots of escaping room and good vantages. ie high saddles, nobs and ridges.

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