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Ted Nugent

Once again I wake up to realize the thread has been hijacked by the left and has nothing to do with the message and is bashing the messenger, his relatives,his dog, his cat, his congressman and anyone else in order to dodge debating the facts. What truly are you afraid of? I could intelligently debate the other side of this if I needed to.Read the article Ted wrote, tell me it's off base and why or move on to another thread. Don't keep telling me what a jerk Ted is. We know that. It has nothing to do with the issue. My high school history teacher was a jerk. He was also right about most of what he taught. Get over the fact you don't like Ted and DEBATE THE ISSUE!!!

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Ted Nugent

But that's the problem...they WON'T debate the issue. The issue is Obama and Holder's anti-gun records.

There are many aspects of debate, and one of them is agreement on factual matters. Just like in a court case, opposing parties should be able to agree on facts. For example, opposing parties might agree that todays high temperature was 45 degrees. That's agreement on fact. Now, the guy in Florida will argue that it's cold, but the guy in Alaska will contend that it's warm. But the fact itself doesn't change.

The problem with our lefties is that they absolutely will not acknowledge facts in a discussion any more than Baghdad Bob would admit American progress on the battlefield. You're not going to get them to acknowledge Obama and Holder's position on the 2nd Amendment as documented in the public record.

Refusal to ackowledge such well documented facts demonstrates that these guys have absolutely no interest in actual debate.

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