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T/C Omega "Z5"

I have no clue what height scope rings I have. I bought what I wanted and had the shop guy put the scope on since it was my first muzzleloader and scope. Sorry I can't answer your question.

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T/C Omega "Z5"
Hiker wrote:
Thanks for your advice. I'm familiar with Colorado laws but wasn't about the Z-5 being a sabot shooter and conicals not working well. Do you think a Powerbelt will work in that weapon?

Yes a power belt will work well in the gun. Make sure you get the bigger ones, 348 gr. and up. I have shot a lot of power belts in mine with good results. I use loose triple 7 with 110 gr. of powder.

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T/C Omega "Z5"

Redhawk!, Thanks!

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