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T/C Black Mountain Magnum

I have one of these in a 50cal and it is a grest shooter. I have taken 2 Deer and 1 Buffalo with it in the last two years. Any one else have one of these and what are your thoughts.

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T/C Black Mountain Magnum

They are a great gun. I don't like the trigger on them - too stiff of a pull. But that can be fixed.

My black mountain magnum is a 12 gauge. I can't get the pattern to center well on paper, so I am going to install some rifle sights on it this year. If I decided to leave the bow home, I may take it turkey hunting.

Have you tried shooting pellets out of yours? The black mountain mag was designed to shoot pyrodex pellets...I'm a Goex guy but always wondered if anyone tried the pellets.

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