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Taxing Details That Harm Patients

Bob Dole wrote a short but to the point article on the senate health care reform bill here:


I agree with Bob, most Americans want health care to be fixed (i.e. lower the cost and increase access), but some of the proposed funding of the bill is just asinine. Let alone that no projections show the reforms actually reducing health care cost. Furthermore one tid-bit that seems to be left out is how many people will actually have reduced or lost health benefits because they or their company cannot afford the increased taxes on their current plans.

In effect, the federal government would be taxing the money it provides for Medicare and a host of other important programs. .... However, the tax would be levied on Medicare, the Children's Health Insurance Program, Medicaid, and Tri-Care for the families of military dependents when delivered by a private-sector plan.
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Re: Taxing Details That Harm Patients

I honestly believe the only thing that will reduce health care costs to the American consumer is free competition. Open up the markets, let insurance companies compete across state lines, and give consumers more options. People ought to be able to shop for health insurance like they do car insurance. We won't reduce costs by making companies answer to the federal government -- make them answer to consumers. When consumers have choices available and the freedom to make them, prices drop. When the fate of corporations depends on the whims of consumers, they have no choice but to suck up to those consumers and compete for their dollars. From airlines to telecommunications, deregulation expanded consumer options and reduced prices.

But then again, that's free-market capitalism at work -- something the current adminsitration is trying to eliminate.

To be honest, if I was a health insurance company, I'd be strongly in favor of the Democrat's plan -- although I'd try not to look like it. The more the industry is bogged down in bureaucracy, the more inflexible it becomes and the more insulated it is from consumer variables.

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