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sue happy

I understand the warriness.  We live in a society that's becoming ever increasingly liability crazy.  It really makes mentoring a riskier task than it used to be, so I hear.  It's always good to take a younger boy hunting, but I won't do it unless a parent comes along.  Take him hunting, bring his mom along too.

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I'd pack him up and get him

I'd pack him up and get him out into the field.  Teach him some safe gun handling rules along with the hunting regulations for where you are.  Also as was mentioned get him into a hunter safety class if he hasn't already been in one.  That will help a lot. 

When taking kids out hunting I have never thought or worried about this sue happy country that we live in.  We just go and have some safe fun.  I met a young man this last year in Utah during the deer hunt that I offered to take elk hunting next year here in Colorado.  When I first mentioned it I told him that he would have to ask his dad if it would be OK since none of us knew each other.  So after me dragging the kid around or was it him dragging me around for a couple of days since his dad couldn't hike that well his dad said that it would be OK as long as his grades were kept up.  He is a straight A student now so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I get to meet the whole family when I head over that way for Thanksgiving to get the moms OK, and since they live in the same town that one of my sisters and brother in law live in it will be fun.  I know already that the kid is already planning the trip and probably has it marked down on a calendar.  I know that I would of at that age.     

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