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taking someone else's kid hunting


My best friend got into drugs and will likely go to prison for 10 years or so.  His wife has asked if I would take their boy squirrell hunting (10 years old) as he really wants to go and he has no other men in his life.  I would like to help out here but is this smart from a liability perspective?  I know my dad took me and my friends squirrel hunting 20 years ago but I dont' know how the law has changed in our sue happy country.  God forbid anything go wrong but I don't want to be prosecuted for trying to do a good thing.



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Do it

Make the mom sign some sort of liability waiver if it makes you feel better, or look into whether your state has laws that recognize hunting as assuming a risk when engaging in it.  Several states have made it impossible to sue landowners if you hurt yourself while hunting because you recognize that there are risks involved when engaging in outdoor activities.

Personally, the kids that I take hunting are usually enrolled in a state organized function, so the liability language is all handled on their end.

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It's a great idea

Mufan, it great you're investing some time into this little guy.  He likely needs some attention and a good male role model.  It may not seem like much time, a weekend here or a weekend there, but it will make a difference for this kid.

If you are concerned about the liability then just bring him along but don't give him a gun.  Alternatively, let him carry the gun and you go along and simply work direclty with him to keep him safe (and others around too).  I've taken other kids (besides my own) hunting and shooting before, but only kids who were good friends of our family so the liability concern was not too great.

You could always just talk with his mom too.  See what she thinks and then make a judgement call following your conversation with her.

In any event, it great you're getting involved in this kids life.  


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You have to do what you feel

You have to do what you feel comforatble with.  As Mark said, if she will, have her sign some sort of waiver prior.  Make sure he has taken his hunter's safety class, and you feel comfortable taking him out.  Then, if you feel good with everything, then by all means, get him out into the woods.

I believe if more kids learned the value of getting into the outdoors at a young age, instead of sitting around playing video games or watching television, the country would be much better off.  Nobody knows how the kid will take to it, but you don't know until you try.  And, best of all, you may be the one person that can save this kid from following in his father's footsteps.

Best of luck, and most importantly, have fun!!

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Do it !

Ask any of my friends that were allowed to go hunting with us when we were kids growing up (both my friends did not have fathers in thier lives). They will tell you it made a huge impact in there lives ! Yes

I have been taking my nieghbor kid hunting since he was 14 (his dad took his own life) and he will also tell you it has made a huge impact in his life. He has turned out to be a great young man.

Good luck with your decision.


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I understand you concerns but

I understand you concerns but I have to say I would do everything I could to help. What you do may be the difference in how this boy ends up in life. It's a big decision and responsibilty but but I believe it's worth it. I have taken my kids friends shooting and in a couple of cases hunting with us and one of them even managed to get a doe a couple of years ago. I also try to take co-workers kids fishing when we go as many of them have never even had the chance for that. I'm sure they will never forget how exciting it was.

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Without hesitation take the young man out!!!!!!

Without hesitation take the young man out!!!!!! Since the mom is good with it and is asking, you are covered legaly. By taking him hunting you will be a very positive difference in this young mans life. A kid needs a good solid role model and what a great way to step up and help. This is could be the difference that leads this young man on the right or wrong path of life. Take him as much as you can and teach him what hunting and the great outdoors is all about.  

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  Definitely do it!  I am in


Definitely do it!  I am in the exact same circumstance with a neighborhood boy without a father due to his imprisonment.  The mother is absolutely fine with with me taking her son hunting and has verbally stated so with others in attendance.  And the boy is so excited to become involved in the outdoors with hunting. 

The boy's future is what is at stake here.  Taking him out on a very safe and controlled hunt will change his life.  No shortcuts - teach him everything from A to Z on proper hunting and the ethics of it and you will have changed a young man's life forever... and changed your's as well.  Let me know how it comes out.


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I would do it in a heart

I would do it in a heart beat. If your worried about getting sued have the mom sign a waiver and you'll be fine. I'm finding my self in a similair situation. A kid from my oldest son's baseball team has a dad but isn't a part of his life and the kid enjoys outdoor activities but has no one to take him. I have taken him fishing a few times over the summer and got him enrolled in a hunter safety coarse for this spring. He will be 12 next summer and wants to go hunting. I talked to his mom about hunting and the safety coarse and she is fine with it. I plan on taking him out for his first big game hunt next fall. I'm very much looking forward to it. I know the impact on him will last a lifetime. I was told when I was younger "if I have the ability to help someone else then I have a responsibility to" I try to live by that saying.

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take him

I cannot even begin to explain my situation but take that boy hunting and change his life!

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Take the Kid & be a Real Hero

Show the kid there's a whole other life style out there with an entirely different type of person to leard from and respect, which isn't meant to disparage Dad - everyone makes mistakes & does stupid things. Before he goes with you, enrole him in a hunter safety program and maybe get him a bb gun to carry - those old Daisy Red Riders turn sparrows and ground squirrels into turkeys and elk to small kids.

God but I get fed up with the constant threats and worrying of law suits.  Take a kid fishing instead but wait, what happens if he/she gets a dirty hook in their finger or slips on a wet rock and cracks a shin.  It's called life and sometimes things happen.  If Mom seems the type (and you should know as Dad is your best friend) that'd sue a homeowner because she tripped on a broken sidewalk you might want to pass.  It's unfortunate that the phrase "No good deed goes unpunished" is so often true.

On the other hand, 10 years from now when the now grown up kid takes you hunting and you recognize that it never would have happened without you, you'l know what if feels like - if only to youself - to be a Hero.

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