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Take It All With You?

  There was this man who was obsessed with two things - hunting and making money. When he wasn't hunting, he was making money. Even when he was hunting, he was thinking about how to make more money. He worked ridiculously long hours. His children didn't remember when he had made it to one of their activities or remembered their birthday. His wife was always having to make excuses as to why they could never be involved in social events like most other people. To make money, he would lie, cheat, deceive and generally run over others. Money was his god; he couldn't bear the thought of ever being without his money.

  He made his wife promise that when he died, she would put his entire net worth in the casket and bury it with him; he wanted to take it with him so that he would have it forever. She resisted, but he insisted, and she finally agreed to bury his money with him.

  Fast forward to the day of his funeral. After the service was over and the guests were all out of the room, the man's wife walked up to the casket with a shoe box in her hands. She gently placed it in the casket and stepped back so the funeral director could close the lid. Later, the pastor said to her, "I know it's probably none of my business, but I'm curious - what was in the shoe box?" She told him of the man's obsession and the promise that she had made to him. "I kept my promise to him", she said. "You can't be serious!", said the pastor. "Yes, I did it", was her reply. "Do you mean to tell me that you pulled all his money out of the bank, sold all his hunting equipment, liquidated all his investments and put it in that box - and now it's all going to be buried in the ground?" "Well, not exactly", she said. "I wrote a check."


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