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tag auctions raise big money for Oregon


It always amazes me how much money these auction tags go for. the cheapest sale came in at 16,000 dollars. The raffles themselves don't raise as much as the auctions but still do pretty good. At least all these fuds are used for good programs.

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I have mixed emotions on this

I have mixed emotions on this one.  There is an argument going on now in Utah on just where the funds go to from these auctions and if they are being used to bribe (to say) the division of wildlife to make available more tags for the organizations that are doing the auctions.  Not to mention the rules of the chase once you have the tag in hand.  You can take the Spider bull in Utah for an example.  The hunter who won the tag paid over $100,000 for a chance to hunt elk in the state on a 365 day hunt.  He did not have to obey by the rules of the season such as when he shot the bull.  Others were using muzzle loaders hunting the bull while this hunter was able to use a high power rifle.  The same would of been if he would of shot it out while there was no other season going on.  He had his choice of weapon to use 365 days that year. 

Also Arizona has a few of the same type of tags.  One of them that I try and enter every year is the Super Raffle.  For only $150.00 you have a chance to hunt every one of Arizona's big game animals for 365 days a year with you choice of weapon.  I may be a little bit hypocritical on this one since it is one of the raffles that I choose to enter. 

While I agree that a lot of the money should go to help the big game of the state where the tags are draws I also believe that there should be some open books on where the money goes and not just to say that XYZ foundation has a tag for sale. 

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