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Tactical Stock for Mossberg 500

Whats up,
I have been looking all over for an AR-15 style stock for my Mossberg 500. All i can find are cheap-looking no-name models. i want something by a reputable dealer, but i cant find one! please help me out with this, my patience for looking is gone!!

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Tactical Stock for Mossberg 500

Try Brownells...


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Tactical Stock for Mossberg 500

Or a Knoxx stock.


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Tactical Stock for Mossberg 500

Ditto on the Knoxx stock. I put one on my 870 and it's awesome. Aside from the collapsible style, the recoil absorption is really nice to have. I use mine primarily for bear protection nowadays and Brenneke 3 inch mag 1-3/8 oz slugs tend to rock your world. The only problem is that I get some cheek slap with the Brennekes that gets uncomfortable after a few rounds. When I sighted in I thought sure I'd be bruised, but wasn't. I didn't feel it in my shoulder, though. I think they make a comb that mounts on the stock to help, but I haven't picked one up yet.

I don't worry about it too much, though. I figure if I have to use those Brenneke's in combat, cheek slap will be the least of my worries.