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NICE!!! That's a beautiful

NICE!!! That's a beautiful bull! I bet your dad is feeling better about things and happy that he ended up heading back out. I doubt you guys will forget that hunt any time soon!

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So glad it worked out for you guys, I knew you could do it

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Congrats on the great bull and phases of the story. I wish I could enjoy a hunt like that with my dad. Again congrats, I know you did a lot of the work.

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Wow what a great hunt!

Wow looks like you and your dad ended up having a great hunt! Im glad you guys were both able to tag out on great bulls. Glad your dad ended up getting a monster in the end. Thanks for sharing the pics and stories Thumbs up

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would love to even see a bull

Congrates to you and your dad, well done. 

Reading through our posts about the legal bulls spotted and passed on to get to the harvested animals is an intriguing and foreign concept to me and obviously demonstrates the point that the unit hunted does make a huge difference and I doubt any OTC unit would qualify as a unit likely to produce the kind of action you and your dad experienced.  Three of us hunted second rifle OTC 65 in 2008 seeing only 4 cows total and two of us went to 71 second rifle OTC in 2010 seeing two cows each.  We have no idea of what seeing a bull of any kind, much less legal or mature, in the wild feels like.  The concept of passing on the first legal bull sighted is so unreal to us as to seem almost like a fairy tale. 

Guess we  are just going to have to save more money, get more pref points, then hope and pray to score a decent draw tag.

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Congrats!! Sounds like the

Congrats!! Sounds like the hunt of a lifetime. Memories made with your dad are the best kind, and those are some great bulls. i can't believe how long the tines on your dad's bull are! huge brow tines and daggers. Awesome story

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That is a great looking

That is a great looking bull..I would be proud to have that on my wall.  Congrats to both you and your father for getting the job done.  Know onto the next adventure.

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Good work, nice animals. Cherish the time afield with your dad, I sure miss hunting with my father.

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Congrats to you both

Thumbs up 2 Beautiful Bulls!!! Something neither of you will ever forget!!

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That is a beautifull bull! Very happy for your dad on a fine animal and for you to get to be with him for it. Nothing better then hunting with our fathers who taught us the ways.


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