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SW South Dakota

Anyone ever have any success in the SW part of SD?

I'm thinking about doing archery in 2011 east and south of Rapid City. If anyone have any tips or suggestions that would be great!



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Re: SW South Dakota

Can be some great hunting there. Do your home work and you have a good shot at both varieties of deer as well and speed goats.

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what are you

what are you after?

grasslands offer goats and a few muleys. on occasion a white tail. but where is the real deciding factor.

lots of private land that you will need permission to hunt. but landowners are usually pretty good.

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How flexible are you in that

How flexible are you in that area around Rapid City?  I live in Custer which is south and west of RC.  As for success, we take between 4 to 8 deer/year hunting the Black Hills National Forest in the southern hills.  Closer to the Wyoming border, we pronghorn hunt in a limited area, but farther south, there is Buffalo Gap National grasslands with plenty of pronghorn and Mulies.  This is mostly public lands.   There are also a lot of state walk-in areas in that same area.  My suggestion would be to check out www.sdpubliclands.com or www.gfp.sd.gov to find areas to hunt and game regulatons.  Also, if you have contacts in the area, talk to local land owners about getting permission to hunt private land before hand.  I talked to one rancher who will turn away no one for hunting pronghorn, deer or turkeys as long as the person talks to him before hand and hunts ethicly on his property.  Not sure where you usually hunt, but hunting western SD can be a great experience.  It's not like hunting most eastern areas, but can be very successful if you use common sense approach.

Feel free to contact me if I can give you more specifics.  Good Luck.

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lots of leftover double doe

lots of leftover double doe tags for sw sdakota. we just had our 3rd draw so now it is all open for first come first serve for those tags in certain areas.

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I always forget the guys

I always forget the guys name, but there's a guy on Whitetail Country or World of Whitetail, something, that is from SD and always hunts there.  He gets some really decent bucks.....