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Supply is getting back up

Was a Sportsman's Warehouse over the weekend for the first time since this past spring. Good signs are all around. Their entire back wall was full again with rifles, shotguns, handguns. Ammo - they had a few cases of common pistol calibers laying out on the floor, not nearly as much as they used to have, but definitely much more than anyone has had within the last 20 months. Reloading components - powder, brass, and bullets all seemed to be filling in on the shelves nicely, reloading tools and equip was plentiful. Only problem I saw was the lack of the key ingredient....Primers. Think

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Supply is getting back up

I've noticed this too WH. I hope it's a trend!

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Re: Supply is getting back up

Yeah, primers seem to be tight still some of the more popular powders as well. Some pistol ammo and 22 lr (oddly) still seems to be in short supply too.

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