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Superformance Powder

Has anyone tried this powder yet?  If so, in what caliber/rifle/bullet and what was the result.  I'm hearing good things on the net about it, but I haven't even seen it on the shelves.

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I've heard good and bad about

I've heard good and bad about it. One of the bad things is after firing, it really stink's up. What I haven't heard about it is a good reason to try it other than just because it's new. I'm usually the last rat to leave the ship!

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works best in short fat cases

From what I've been reading, it seems like the biggest gains are coming from the short, fat cases.  Supposed to improve velocities another 100-200 for some cartridges, but it seems mostly focused on the WSM types.  Doesn't seem like the gains in standards are anything beyond what those who load in the 60-65K range are already getting.

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I spoke with a fella at a

I spoke with a fella at a store a while back who said something similiar.  He stated to me that the powder wasn't worth the money becuase it works best in the short mag's.  Then, yesterday, I found an article on the web talking about it.  The article was stating that the powder was supposedly able to improve bullet accuracy and increase velocity.  I thought it was bs, but figured I'd ask here - I find most on this forum are very experienced and you've provided me with great advice in the past.  So, I currently have several different powders on the shelf and was curious thinking, maybe this new powder could be 'the one' that serves all calibers.  Of course, that'd take most of the fun out of reloading. 

Currently, and I've posted this before, I have 2 military rifles that I'm converting to hunting rifles - 8mm Mauser and Swiss K31.  IF this new powder did as it stated, I was thinking that it would help the 8mm get to 30-06 velocities with the heavier bullets.  The K31 basically matches the .308 Win, and I'm happy with that.  It'll be used for deer in woodland hunting and back east when I get back there.  In reference to my 8mm, when I get it sporterized, I want to get a 190 gr bullet in the 2700 f.p.s. area for large game (Elk and Moose).  My current data states the best I can hope for is around 2500 - 2600 f.p.s. is the best I can hope for.  Of course, on the web (handloads.com) I find guy's getting up to 2800 fps.  I think that's crazy if there shooting a WWII era mauser, most gunsmiths state the chamber was designed to handle 55k, at least that's what I read.  Thus, my curiosity with Superformce powder was peaked becuase it claims reduced preasure, better accuracy, and 100/200 f.p.s. more velocity.

Who knows, maybe I'll spend the $25 and buy a pound anyways just to see what happens.  Look forward to reading more on this.

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This link will probably

This link will probably answer just about any question you might have as it's right from the horse's mouth!  If you will notice they are talking "powders" in plural, which means they don't have just one powder for all calibers.  The article basically talks about their own ammo they are selling, rather than for reloading your own.  Personally, I'll stick with what I'm using, as every rifle I have will shoot under 1 MOA and I won't have one that won't.  I will say that other than their SST, I'm a Hornady lover and their bullets are all I use in all my centerfire rifles.




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I just read that article.  I'm getting about 100 fps more out of my 22" 270 cut rifling barrel with 130 tsx's over 54 gr of RL17 than the superperformance shows in the article.  I'm getting about the same as they show with 54gr of 17 over 130 accubonds in my marlin 22" 270. 


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