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Super X factory load questions

I am trying to help out a friend who is going on his first elk hunt.  He does not reload and is planning to use the Winchester Super X 180 gr. Power-point bullet in 300 Win. Mag.

Does anyone have any experience with this facotry load on elk or larger game?

Looks like a lower end cost factory load and could have accuracy issues at longer distances.  What about hitting power?  



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Wellllllll, he need to go out

Wellllllll, he need to go out and try it in his rifle and see just how accurate it really is in his rifle.   

As far as knock down power it should have more than needed for a elk and should work just fine. 

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180gr bullet

All 180gr bullet's weight the same, with equal velocity produce the same energy and when this premium fad hit, were considered good bullet's in the 300 win mag. One thing to keep in mind about heavy for caliber bullets is that they are all designed to be used on big game. Even those junk factory cup and core bullets. I love cup and core bullets!

Just take a box out and see how they shoot. If not so well, try another brand. 2" groups are certainly good enough for elk out to about 300yds. If what I read into this about your friend, even 300yds will be tuff for him, he's not shot much.

All the stories about the bullet proof elk are the result of either poorly selected cartridges, poorly selected bullet's and most of all, bad shots. elk are not bullet proof! I recall something Jack O'Conner wrote in reply to Elmer Keiths distain of the 270 on elk. Jack said, "what do you think they'll do, bounce off"? Not hardly.

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