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Super Bowl vs World Series

Has the Super Bowl replaced the World Series in interest? I remember as a kid hurrying home from school to watch the Series on black and white TV while football was non-existent. Whats changed? The strike, over-paid players, too many teams?

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Super Bowl vs World Series

I think the baseball playoffs are just a turn off, or maybe the season just to long. The whole thing get's drug out so long that after a few playoff series, I've had my fill. And I like baseball. I think the playoff's in football are a pain to but, lose one and your out, that is good because it doesn't get drug out like baseball.

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Super Bowl vs World Series

April to October is too long to retain interest. Plus, I find baseball on tv to be boring.

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Super Bowl vs World Series

Im a real sports fanatic. In particular i love baseball and hockey. To me baseball is like a chess game on grass, each pitch is a thought process. But i dont enjoy football anymore, loved it when i was younger. It seems to be that in football there is way too much down time between plays and the plays themselves are short. I understand how some could find baseball dull however as americans love action and violence. I play hockey and watch hockey every chance i get and too me its the most action filled sport going. Sometimes you go for many minutes without a whistle or stoppage of play. Flying down the ice making precision passes to your linemates and maybe then burying one deep in the net is an amazing feeling. But football or baseball? No contest here baseball rules! Thumbs up

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Super Bowl vs World Series

As a single event, the Superbowl ALWAYS has more viewers than any one World Series game. But over the course of up to seven games the World Series probably draws more in total.

Personally, I like baseball more than football.

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