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Sunrise glassing time

I am not good at sitting in one place for an extended period of time glassing one small area. The more area I can see and the more confidence I have that I will see what I am looking for in the given area, the longer I can stay put. Even so, I still get anxious to cover ground with my boots to see what I can find. This past weekend (8/25), I glassed for about an hour after sunrise before taking off on a hike. That being said, if you have a decent location from which to glass, how long after sunrise do you typically stay? How do you adjust that time for the time of the year (earlier seasons vs later seasons)? Slowing down and being more patient are elements of my hunting style that I am working on improving, but I think I still have a ways to go.

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I'm not too good at sitting

I'm not too good at sitting in one spot to too long either.  Hiking and still hunting makes me feel more in control of my hunting destiny.  That said, my answer to your question will vary with the hunting area and what I'm seeing.  If I'm expecting to see game at sunrise in a particular area (like putting them to bed the evening before) I will sit a little longer and glass very carefully to be sure there is nothing there before moving through or leaving.  I'm not very patient though and tend to still hunt good looking areas rather than watch them all day.  Might not be the best style of hunting all the time, but it seems to fit me best.


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For myself I will glass a

For myself I will glass a long time after sunrise just because that is a time that a lot of animals will still be moving from their feeding ground to where they will bed for the day. Also if I am seeing animals I will usually just sit there and glass all day. Now if I am not seeing any animals I may move a little ways but not far so that I can glass into the same area from a different angle. You never know what may of been laying just out of sight from your previous site.

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