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Suggestions for Pheasant Hunting next season

Neat fall I would like to tkae three kids to SD bird hunting. Does anyone have any suggestions as to a good location where I can make it enjoyable for them yet be somewhat affordable.

Thank you

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Suggestions for Pheasant Hunting next season

Those three kids are pretty lucky to have you taking them on such a great trip!

If you are looking for a guided pheasant hunt at a lodge, we have a couple of options for you in South Dakota. They offer the great hunting SD is famous for. Let me know if you would like more details.

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Suggestions for Pheasant Hunting next season

Don't have anything in SD but have these in ND.

North Dakota Hunt Upland Birds $250.00 per person per day 3 day Hunt on Your Own: $1700.00 3 day Fully Outfitted

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Suggestions for Pheasant Hunting next season

There is plenty of public land to hunt across the state of south dakota, a little investgation and some maps would be a good start also its not terribly difficult or exspensive , sometimes free if you ask the right people to hunting access.

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Suggestions for Pheasant Hunting next season

yea if you have the dogs, dont waste your money on going on land you have to pay for....a guy i deer hunt with went up this winter and they got their limit in 2 hours on public grounds

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Suggestions for Pheasant Hunting next season

Most of the pheasant hunting is getting way overpriced for a couple of birds. Most outfitters in SD will run in the 200-300 per gun per day and some will include lodging for that but most wont. From my experience most of the outfitters provide dogs and guides if you want them.

How old are the kids going?
Do you have your own dog?
Can you tolerate a little cold weather?

My best advice if the kids are up to hunting when it is a little colder is to come up and hunt in december. There are less people hunting now and if you find the right landowner they may let you on for nothing later in the season. A big, big help is if you can come up mid week also. No one will be hunting and landowners and their families usually hunt the weekends. If you want ideas on where to go I have several nice spots of public ground that have worked for me in the past, just let me know (jonscheer@yahoo.com). Also, if you have a kid that is more assertive use him/her to ask for permission. This may help some and gives them the experience of talking to landowners which can be invaluable. Hope this helps.

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