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Suggestions on Hunt

I know people dont like to give out there secret hunting spots, but We are going on Oct. 15-19 and dont know exactly where to go right now. We didn't draw anything this year and our usuall unit is out of over the counter tags. Any suggestions on where to go, not looking for a huge trophy animal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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uhhhh, what?

There's no such thing as running out of over the counter tags.  Did you mean that they ran out of 1st season leftovers?  1st season is limited and runs Octo15-19. 2nd season has the over the counter bull tags and runs Oct 22-30 this year.  Assuming you mean Colorado.

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Yeah I read that post and

Yeah I read that post and thought I had missed some thing.  Over the counter tags for 1st season would be cool, but could you imagine the amount of some hunters in certain unit like 4.  man that would be crazy.  I would have to venture to say if you are referring to Colorado that your best bet if you do not have a tag yet would be to get a OTC tag for 2nd or 3rd season bull.  Alot of good units to go hunt in and with the warmer weather really slowing the rut down 2nd season coulc be alot of fun.  We are going 2nd season and I think it would be pretty cool to call in a bull to a rifle...alomost like cheating, but still a good time!

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I'm no help at all, sorry

I'm no help at all, sorry I have never even seen an elk except in a zoo - sad isn't it?  But if you want advice on turkeys in the morning....just follow the sound of my new Saiga 12 shotgun!  :D



Seriously though - good luck out there this fall everybody - be safe! 


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First off welcome to the

First off welcome to the site, always glad to see another hunter joining in. As the other fellows said, we assume you’re talking elk hunting in Colorado but not sure. Not sure where you are coming from but there are no OTC tags for first season so you need to re-schedule your trip. OTC bull tags are for 2nd and 3rd season from 22 Oct thru 30 Oct or 05 Nov thru 13 Nov. The only OTC that could run out are the OTC with caps and that is unit 54 for second season either sex tags. Again welcome and let us know more info so we can better help you.

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a pat on the back

SGM, Ex, All  -

I just wanted to acknowledge the great job you guys do helping the less informed.  I moved to Colorado in 2000, and was totally in the dark on Colorado's tag system and other nuances until I found this board.

Timmonsbraden -  your not alone.  The "system" in Colorado is designed to give the game managers the tools they need to manage the resource and I suppose to also control the number of hunters in any one area during the traditional fall season. 

I grew up in Pennsylvania.  Whitetail season opened the Monday after Thanksgiving, which was oddly a state holiday, and ran for two weeks.  Life was simple.  Every hunter understood the season, and come that Monday morning all you would see would be orange vests everywhere. 

Coming to Colorado and dealing with preference points, four rifle seasons, limited and unlimited tags, leftover tags, A list, B list... it's very confusing and very frustrating.  But if you rely on boards like this, and don't hesitate to call the state folks, you will have some of the best hunting experiences of your life.

Hopfully  you're able to switch to 2nd or 3rd season.  My own opinion... the weather during third season can definitely put the odds in your favor.  Similarly, if this heat continues through Oct 15, first rifle could be real tough.

good luck!





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Just so you know. Any unit

Just so you know. Any unit that has OTC tags will be very crowded. More so if there's no cap.


Next year you should put in for units with a draw. You can build up your points by taking a point for your 1st pick, and a cow for your 2nd pick. Cows taste good too.  Yes

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Weclome to the site!  As you

Weclome to the site!  As you can see, when you ask a question about hunting in Colorado, you will get no shortage of answers!

Good luck on finding a place to go!  Be sure to stick around, and throw up some photos and a story or 2.  Hope you find a big one!

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Welcome to the site!! Looks

Welcome to the site!! Looks like you got a few answers already, Good luck on your hunt as the dates are coming up fast, keep us posted on how you do. Stick around and share some stories and some pictures.

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  jcbrown99 - I couldn't have


jcbrown99 - I couldn't have said it any better.  :=D>  My thanks goes out to these people on this web site who have offered their knowledge and tips only to assist my hunting success.  Thank You!




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