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Re: suggest a muzzleloader

Are you looking for an inline??? If so, I would recomend a Traditions Pursuit. I have shot this muzzleloader for a few years now and I've taken some good animals with it.

Hope this helps!!!

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Re: suggest a muzzleloader
prhunter wrote:
Are you looking for an inline??? If so, I would recomend a Traditions Pursuit. I have shot this muzzleloader for a few years now and I've taken some good animals with it.

Hope this helps!!!

I'm also a Traditions fan - granted it's the only smokepole I've ever owned so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but I haven't had cause to look for something better. $350 Canadian (so prob $375 US neener! ) and it came with all the accroutrements. The rifle only was around 250.00 - but you need a ball starter, etc so you might as well add that to the cost since you can't get by without them.

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Re: suggest a muzzleloader

For Colorado i would highly suggest a CVA or any other rifle thats know to shoot full bore projectiles Thumbs up

CVA Accura .50

I did good with the first 4 shots @ 100 yards with open sights! Sadly i got to cocky and punched the trigger on shot #5 Oops!

This is the NEW CVA Optima. Extremely easy to care for, finger removable breech plug, great handling rifle over all.

Both of these rifles shoot the same loads of 100gr Volume Blackhorn209 with a fullbore 250 grain Thor conical. These load up as slick as a powerbelt only they hold up 100x better as they are copper conicals. No lead! They actually cost less than Powerbelt Platinums too.

This bullet we recovered from a deer that we shot at 175 yards with only 105 grains Pyrodex RS. Deer dropped in its tracks.

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Re: suggest a muzzleloader

Thanks to all of fellow hunters that are offering advice and suggestions in my search for a muzzleloader. The picture is becoming alot more clear. Thank you R. Smith

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Re: suggest a muzzleloader

I noticed a lot of recommendations for a Traditions Pursuit and I would like to make another.I have manged to get a 2 inch group at 100 yards so far but need more trials.Only shot once at 100 yards.It is a Pursuit Pro/XLT Hybrid with a fluted and ported barrel,blued with a 28" barrel and 1:28" twist and has a synthetic camo stock.It also came with a free scope and case all for $269.00 plus $19.49 shipping direct from Traditions.It doesn't have the QRBP(quick release breach plug)but I deal with it.If that's too much money I'm looking next at the CVA Wolf.They start at $150.00 with a 24" barrel and 1:28 inch twist.All reviews I've seen look good.I would stick to the 28" barrel with 1:28" twist for starters no matter what brand you buy if I was you.It will cost you though.

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Re: suggest a muzzleloader

Did you buy a new ML yet? I've been toying with the idea of gettin a new one and seen today that Cabelas has Accura CVA on sale for $299! Don't know much about them but hear there pretty good.

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Re: suggest a muzzleloader

Hey Russ, Why don't you try a traditional "black powder" say pre 1860s style rifle, used there cheep..
way more usable, cheeper to shoot, and more fun. Thompson Hawken 54cal used avg. under $300.
CVA's several models, Traditions several models, all under $300...
"Usable" let me explain, 54cal patched round ball over 90 to 110 grs of black powder can kill any
game in America., 54cal rd. ball over 25 grs black powder for small game.
Lead rd balls are cheep, cheeper if you make them yourself.
"Fun" -- Big Game, Small Game, Target, Load it up for adults and load it down for youngsters; big
bang- lots of smoke - no hard kick - will bring delite to the hearts of young/begining shooters.
And you can go to Black Powder Club Shoots and Events all over the U.S.
Plus "hunting traditional" has the added bonus of the challange; up close and personal.
After all a special season for the primitive hunter was what muzzle loading season was set up for..
Clinton R. aka 'Copper'