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Congrats Over50

That is one helk of a first bull ! Thumbs up Thanks for sharing your story and your pic. Congrats !!!!

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Congrats on a great bull!

And the snowy pic.... makes me want to hang lights anf go cut a tree!

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Don't start talking about

Don't start talking about Christmas on me already... we've still got like almost two months. I can not figure out how the department stores are already putting up Christmas stuff. Thanksgiving is not even here yet for Pete's sake!

Anyways... that is a great bull, and for it to be your first, that is awesome. Sounds like it wasn't just a good kill too. It sounds like you had a pretty fun hunt overall. Congratulations on taking that sucker. That is a really good shot. Shooting at 250 yards at a trotting animal takes practice with your rig. How far did you lead him? And thanks for getting the picture up. A picture is worth a thousand words... or something like that.

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Hawkeye, thanks for the reply.  Yes, it was a fun hunt and a great experience.  Actually getting an elk was icing on the cake.  As far as how far I led the elk..........it is hard to say exactly because I was breathing so hard from the thin air and having to climb a ridge in deep snow to get into position to shoot.  I had to time my breathing with my crosshairs and hope for the best.  It seems like I put the crosshairs just to the front of his brisket.  All I know is that if God had wanted us to spend much time at 10,000+ feet altitude he would have put more air there.  Yikes.  My guide told me the only way for us flatlanders to prepare for the thin air is to place a plastic garbage bag over our heads just before we go biking or running, and then when we breath all the air out of the bag.........keep going (just in case there are kids reading this........my guide was joking).  DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME!


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Congrats on your first elk

Congrats on your first elk hunt. sounds like you had a great time. And congrats on the finr looking bull. it is a nice first bull for sure. so i have to ask have you already started planning your next elk hunt?LOL. i know after my first i couldnt wait for the next year to do it all over again. its very addicting. good luck with your up coming hunts.

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