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The average success for my

The average success for my unit is 45% for all rifle seasons combined. That said I'm not a trophy hunter but have taken some pretty nice bucks all on public land. I've also taken several 2x2's as well. I don't hold out very long unless holding a 4th season tag which currently only takes 2 points here. My entire family of 4 averages about 95% total over the last 10 years. And it's usually a doe tag that doesn't get filled for some reason if we happen to get a leftover. It's usually just a matter of really getting out and after them. Be persistent and don't let up. I'm only talking deer here though...elk I'm not nearly so good.lol

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If you do not shoot the first 2 point you see, I think you will have a shot at a nice 4by4. It may not be a monster but there is a good chance. If you are looking to fill the freezer the little ones do eat better.

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I'd suspect that the vast majority of hunters who don't fill in a 50% unit would be due to some level of incompetence. Poor shooting and lazy tactics would be a major factor. Many of these would be "not really" trying. They'd kill one if it was easy, but aren't willing to hike into some of the better canyons or hunt more than 2 days of the season.
I'd guess that true trophy hunters who won't kill, even on the last day if a buck doesn't meet their goals are less than 5%, maybe even 1% of the hunters in a low point unit.
I don't think not seeing game at all after putting out effort accounts for many of the unsuccessful in a reasonably high success unit.
Also, I don't think you're even looking at 2nd or 3rd rifle season success, which is even higher. I think archers are being lumped into that 50% success rate.

Like I've written many times before, road access greatly improves hunting success and there's a lot of roads/ATV trails in that unit.

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Correct, I am looking at the

Correct, I am looking at the "combined" deer take for that zone, bucks and does.  So, I did forget about archery, which I guess would draw down the percentage.

I will have to see what the #'s are for this years draw when they are eventually posted.  I know for last year, it shows minimum 1 point for non-resident, which is what I have for next year.

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I hunt out of state about

I hunt out of state about every other year but California every year in zones that have a success rate around 12 percent. However, I manage to harvest at least one deer if not 2, 20 years in a row. When I look out of state and see a success rate above 30 I feel confident I could find one. I elk hunt with a group of about 8 to 10 guys in idaho and its almost always the same few of us that get one.Some are lazy, some are there for the get together and some of us are there to hunt. If you spend more time in the woods than in camp, you'll find animals, it took 6 days to see an elk our last trip, and about 5 miles aday hunting morning till dark then my son and I both harvested bull elk on day 6 and his on day 9.

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