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Success in New Mexico!!!

Well, after a few deer-less year it finally all worked out for me. As you may remember I've been at this since last year when I had a mule deer tag but kept running into coues deer in NM. Well, this year I decided to return to the same area but this time with a whitetail deer tag. I was not able to get a muzzleloader tag (due to the dates conflicting with my Arizona deer hunt) so I picked up an archery tag.

Day one for me was OK, I battled mosquitos inside the blind and saw a coues deer doe late in the evening. She stood around for about a 1/2 hour about 40 yds from my blind. On day two I was pumped. After seeing that doe the day before I thought this could be the day. I got early (before sun up) and was sitting in the bling by 6:30AM. About an hour later I saw three does running through the forest (they did not even give me a chance for a pic). After I saw those deer I thought my day was over. Wrong!!!

After dozing off and battling more mosqitoes in the blind, I looked out the window and a small coues deer buck was standing a approximately 30 yards in front of me. I checked out his antlers with my binos and he was legal so I grabbed my bow and let one fly. The rest is history. Found him about 75 yards from the blind. Not an impressive buck but its my first coues deer. I learned alot from this hunt and cant wait until next year already.

Below are some pics of deer camp, the doe from the first day and of course the happy hunter and his deer. 

deercamp14.JPG266.53 KB
campstew.JPG142.88 KB
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Well done!  A Coues deer is

Well done!  A Coues deer is on my to-do list!  It sounds like a really great hunt!

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Great job

Nice job. Were you sitting over water or just out in the woods?

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I had my blind set up in a

I had my blind set up in a spot that has a lot of acorns and grass for he deer to feed on. I have been scouting this area for a while now but this was the first year I was able to connect.

The pics below are of other deer in the same area. I never saw any of them while I was there.

cam1buck.JPG225.62 KB
cam2buck.JPG244.42 KB
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Any public land coues deer is a great archery accomplishment. Being totally serious, I'd look at mounting that one. Hunting coues deer is tough enough but to actually get it done with an archaic weapon system is awesome. You're my hero. 


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Good work

Good job with the archery buck, oh man that trail cam buck is a stud.

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Very nice!  Congrats, nice

Very nice!  Congrats, nice looking deer!

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