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Congrats AF!

Congrats AF.  Give yourself a pat on the back but understand that this obsession is something you'll just have to cope with for the rest of your life!

Hopfully your partner's ankle break was the kind that heals quickly and cleanly.  Getting an animal out is probably the most truly dangerous parts of elk hunting.  I agree with the earlier post -- wait for daylight, and play it safe.  It's just not worth a serious injury.

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Thanks to everyone!  First, next year, we will not pack out at night.  I'll definately take ya'lls advice and hang it all for the next day.  Second, my buddy's ankle is good to go, not broken but bad sprain - he was walking the next day (read below).  Which, with that said, I wish I'd had one more day to get a Lion with him.  We had one 30 or 40 yds away sunbathing in mid-morning. 

Just a quick story, after I got back, my hunt partner called to tell me this.  He was getting ready to pull out of camp when an older man flagged him down.  He was hunting with 2 other's when he shot a 4 x 3 bull, 6 miles deep he said (estimated).  One was his son-in-law, the other a friend.  They quartered the elk and started packing out that morning.  Appearantly, his son-in-law and other friend didn't think packing an elk out would be much work and dropped their packs stating 'you're on your own.  We can't do this'  They left him there by himself.  He was about 65 or so, my friend told me.  With sprained ankle and all, he went in with the gentleman and helped him pack the elk out.  To boot, they drove out from Wisconsin for the hunt.  Can you imagine that drive back after screwing over your father-in-law?  I doubt they'll talk much from this point on.  Not sure if anyone has every experienced this type of situation, I personally haven't.  I think I'd 'throat punch' my son-in-law if he'd done that to me.

I learned alot hunting this year in Colorado.  I'll take these lessons to next year's hunt, and hopefully, if successfull, it won't be quite as painfull.  Thanks again everyone.

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that is just plain

that is just plain chick*&^%,sounds like those boys wont be goin on anyones hunt anytime soon.I would like to punch those punks.sorry but this just offends me,i wish i had a father in law that would hunt or do anything with me.hopefully he is in the doghouse with his wife.

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