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Success Finally!

It took 3 years, but I finally got an elk.  He went 5x4 (almost a 6x4) on public land.  Our camp went 2/5.  NO ATVS!  I really think that was the difference. You couldn't have gotten one withing a few miles of this spot.  I am really convinced they do more harm than good. 

Shot the elk at 10 am.  It was 2.5 miles from camp.  I finally had him packed out (on foot) by 8 pm.

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Congrats!  Any more to the story?

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Sweet!!! Congrats to you and

Sweet!!! Congrats to you and your hunting group. lookis like a nice bull you got there. Is there more to the story? I would like to hear some more details. I agree that ATV's can do more harm. I would use one for hunting, but i would use one for getting from point a to point b then get off and hunt on foot. I see people every year out here hunting from them, just driving up and down atv trails looking for animals. I say if your going to do that you might as well just road hunt. Then theres the people who get off the trails and tear up the woods with them. It's those few that give atv hunters a bad name. again congrats on the fine trophy.

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Good looking elk you have there.  Kind of got that crazy look in your eyes too, must have been exciting....or, maybe that's 3 years of effort boiling up to the surface.:=D>

Throw up some more pics and give us some details.  We want to enjoy your hunt too.  Thanks for sharing!


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Congrats on your harvest!

Congrats on your harvest! Applause

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Ditto what CO said, you got

Ditto what CO said, you got that crazy look down real good.... Wink

A big congrats to you on your first elk!  Looks like a fun and successful hunt, and I can tell you had a great time.  Just wondering, did you pack it out solo?  I am planning a hunt for next fall, and may be going solo.  Trying to imagine what it will be like. 

And I see a couple extra legs there, so did you have buddies with you?  It looks like you'll be eating well.  Awesome!

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We were in unit 231.  We got

We were in unit 231.  We got my bull and a cow on opening day of first rifle.  We worked for it though.  Picture of me is a little rough since it's a self portrait.  The bull died at the bottom of a steep draw.  That picture was the last smiling I did that day. 

I found a little meadow with some game trails crossing it.  It was miles from any place an ATV could come close to.  It was even over a half mile from the closest foot trail.  I set up and let all the shooting push the animals to me.  I heard a close shot.  Two cows came crashing through the meadow.  Almost shot the second one.  She saw me and split.  The bull was a few yards behind her.  I ranged the shot after the fact.  Only 44 yards.  Luckily I had my scope dialed way down since there was short shooting lanes in this area.

I packed out the back straps and head solo.  Ran into a buddy in camp.  He went back with me and we took some kids sleds and each drug a hind quarter and had a shoulder in an external frame pack.  Toughest part was solo quartering the thing on a steep incline as it wanted to slide all the way to the bottom and then dragging it uphill to the top of a ridge.  Probably the most physically exhausting thing I've done in years.  

Very happy with the whole experience.  My biggest lesson learned was to be sucessfull, you really have to get away from the easy places to go.  

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Right on!

Way to do it and when it's rough you may not like it at the time, but makes for better memories when you worked for it from the shot to getting it packed out!

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AWESOME !!!!!!

Your look says it all ! Thumbs up Congrats on a fine bull !


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Nice work! I can't wait to

Nice work! I can't wait to have some elk quarters hanging from the ol' meat pole.

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Congratulations on your first

Congratulations on your first bull. A bull every three years is pretty good if you look at the odds and percentages. Also congratulations to your partner on baggibg a cow. 2/5 in camp in very good. After packing out that beast you know thw true meaning of a pack out and what the rest of the story is in elk hunting. Great job.

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