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Success Finally

Finally, after 5 attempts, I have shot and killed my first Elk!  Took her Monday evening just before last light.  Wish I had more time, the heard was about 12 - 15 elk with a BIG BULL in the rear.  Unfortunately, I only had about 10 min. to work the shot so I took the best shot available which was a large cow Elk.  Shot her with my .25-06 and Barnes TSX.  My hunt partner, a licensed guide, said "I've never seen a bullet do that much damage to an Elk"  It completly made soup out of her vitals.  Anyways, it was definately the most physically challenging activity I've ever done.  We had to pack her out 3+ miles in darkness.  Half way through the pack out with the first two quarters, my hunt partner stepped in a hole and busted his ankle.  It was all sorst of black, blue and swollen, but he sucked it up and we got back to camp around 1:30 a.m. just to turn around at first light, and get the last parts of the Elk (the heaviest also).  Thankfully, we had a camper to sleep in with heat which made the entire 5 day hunt much more comfortable.  Thanks to everyone on the board for advice on hunting Elk.  I took it all in, used it and took the elk.  The homebrew after the work was good to!

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Congratulations on bagging

Congratulations on bagging your first elk. You will have allot of great memories and some fantastic eating. Sorry to hear about your buddy. Hope he will be ok.

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It's a great feeling of accomplishment to get that first one down, isn't it?

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Great job!

Great job on bagging the first elk.  They sure are big, aren't they?  I think the closer to dark you shoot them, the larger they seem too.:thumbsup1:

Too bad about your buddy's ankle.  That is exactly why I won't pack out in the dark, even with a headlamp.  It's just too hard to keep a bunch of weight balanced going over and under deadfall, stepping through brush and avoiding the holes.  We will skin, quarter and hang the meat and then return in the daylight to finish packing it out.  Makes for an extra trip sometimes, but I would rather walk a bit more than hurt myself (or have someone with me get hurt).

Great accomplishment on knocking one down.  Now you get to enjoy some fresh grilled elk steaks with that homebrew...it doesn't get much better than that for dinner.

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A huge congrats AF!!!!  It's

A huge congrats AF!!!!  It's refreshing to see someone who posts about their first animal, and talks about the "BIG BULL" that was in the rear, but you didn' get greedy.  You took that cow, and by the sounds of it, couldn't be any happier.  It doesn't have to have large antlers, whether it's your first or 5th, to make a successful hunt.

Very cool!  Sorry about your buddy's ankle.  I hope he didn't break it, and it's just a bad sprain.  You better make sure to hook him up with a nice tenderloin or something, right??? Wink

Way to go!

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Nice job. Cows taste

Nice job. Cows taste great.

As was said already. I would have brought the meat out in the morning.

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Great job!

Big time congrats on your first elk!

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Super cool !


Congrats on a great first elk ! I also have to throw in the even better fact of taking her with your 25-06 after that super thread of the 25-06 not being an elk rifle. Whistling Congrats again ! 


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Yeah, I took some crap on

Yeah, I took some crap on using the 25-06.  I loaded a Barnes TSX and it was devistating!   Thanks.

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Congratulations on your first

Congratulations on your first one!!! I know how exciting it is for sure. It was mentioned hoe big they are when you walk up for the first time to see them up close and I can tell you that will never change no matter how many you get. Every time I am fortunate enought o kill an elk I walk up and the forst thing I think is oh man what have I done now. It's all worth it in the end though as you feel great and ready to go again after a little rest.

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  Great Job AFHunter!  I,


Great Job AFHunter!  I, similar to you, learned a lot from these guys and the tips/directions they provided.  Glad you were able to fill that tag.  Meat is meat - wether from a cow or a bull!  Definitely you will enjoy it!

If I was solo hunting I think I would personally follow CoMeatHunter and do the main work on sight and then pack out the following morning.

I hope your friend and guide is alright and nothing too serious.  That ankle if broken could ruin any more planned hunting this year.

A camper always makes it a great sleep and comfortable for meals... only a cabin would be better!  I am still at the 4 seasons tent level or a hotel room!

Anyhow - great harvest and hope you are able to do all over next year!


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