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Succeeded as A Guide

Not sure if any of you remember the post I had last year entitled Failed as A Guide but, this year he punched his tag. It all started very fast. Within the first 10 minutes of the season we were watching 13 cows and calves a spike and a rag horn 5x4 feeding up the draw in our direction. After his passing on a rag horn last year he was all about "lets get the first one on the ground and trophy hunt next year". Well as luck should have it the rag horn got to 300 yrds. I told my son "the wind is right we are hid and they don't know we are here. Let them keep coming." They got to 250 yrds and all of a sudden the bull threw his head up and looked our dirrection like he had known we were there the entire time. Then in one motion he whirled around with the rest of the heard and ran down the mountain. I sit there wondering what the heck just happend when I heard this voice say, "your sitting in my spot." I turned to see a guy standing at the top of the ridge (30 yrds up) and I said, "sorry I didn't see your name on this tree and I didn't know we could claim public property as our own." With that he states that he has been coming here for 6 years and this is always where he sits. I counter by telling him I've been coming here for 14 yrs and I have never ran into him. He then tells me that he normally hunts the 3rd season but, decided to come 2nd instead. I start picking our packs up and appologize for hunting in his spot (sarcasticly). He asks "how come you didn't shoot that bull". I responded by telling him that I was trying to get a 13 yr old boy his fist bull and I was waiting to get him a good close shot. Well the next day we decided to go on a drive with some other members of our camp and one of my buddies shot a very nice 6x6. The next day while doing some still hunting we came across a fire break. I looked up just in time to see what I though was a rabbit jumping over a log but, I just caught the movement out of the corner of my eye. As we walked in that dirrection and got within 40 yrds of the log the alleged rabbit jumped over, to my supprise pops up the head of a mature male mountain lion. I always knew they were in the area seeing tracks and what not but, never really wanted to have an encounter with one. Let me tell you, I felt like I was in the wrong side of town. He would look at us, crawl about 10 ft and look at us again. He never was or acted like he was scared of us. On day 3 we decided to get away from the crowd and hike up high and with strong swirling winds could never get up on anything. That night looking back up to the top where we were that morning we watched two nice bulls walk right down the trail we were on just hours earlier. Sean say's..."wow that's like getting poked in the eye". The next day comes around and Sean wants to go back to the area where my buddy shot the 6x6. Ok, I'm game. So we drive the atv over there and slowly walk down this ridge taking a step or two and stopping and looking. We probably went 1/2 mile or may be more in 2 hrs when all off a sudden I could see an antler. I quickly sit down and motioned the boy to do the same. He was about 50 yrds away with no clear shot. As we crawled closer one of those darned cows that you never see stands up. She don't know what we are but, decides she don't like it and turns and starts trotting away. I give a cow call to try to stop them but, no luck. We got to our feet and I said "follow me". We took off toward an atv path. (I know that when elk are jumped up on this ridge the cows and calves tpically go down the hill and the bulls will split up and cross in the area my buddy shot his bull) We get over there and just like clock work here comes the bull but, he is moving too fast and our chances of getting where we need to be to get the shot were slipping away. Just then I here an atv coming up the trail. "OH YEAH....perfect. The bull stops and we get to out spot. The guy on the atv didn't even see him. The guy on the atv goes by and 30 seconds later the bull steps into a clearing. Kerrpow!!!!!! The bull crosses the atv trail and falls down. The 25-06 loaded with 115 gr Winchester silver tip did it's job. Placed perfectly. Here are a few pics. Sorry I will be the first to say my photo taking skills stink and I'm sorry about the gory parts in the pic of the bull. notice the atv path in the background of the bull pic.

me and sean.jpg sean and bull
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Congrats on a great hunt and a awesome bull ! Thumbs up

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Congratulations to the new

Congratulations to the new elk hunter in the family, you are going to have to do some be better that one next year. It always seams that the first bull elk is always the most special one that you will ever shoot and I am sure that Sean will remember the details of this hunt for a long time.

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Congrats man. That's an

Congrats man. That's an awesome bull and a good story too. It pisses me off that hunter told you to get out of his spot though. What a jerk

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I remember your post from

I remember your post from last year and thought it was funny your boy wanted to hold out for a bigger bull last year.  Guess a nice 6x6 was big enough for him this year, eh.  

Congrats to your son and thanks for sharing the pics and story with all of us.

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I remember your post too.

I remember your post too. Great job at guiding your son to an awesome bull - Congrats! Thumbs up

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