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Subsistance Hunting

This is how it's done!  Pretty cool......



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absolutely how it's done! my

absolutely how it's done!

my greatest wish is that we could still live a subsistance lifestyle... only not in the frozen north. i could move there, and do it, but i'd rather enjoy some warmer weather. the kind that you can enjoy the feeling of warm sun on your bare back when you're working outside. not bitter freezer burn.

but, awesome to say the least.

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Pretty good reading on that

Pretty good reading on that thread and an interesting way of life. Several of my family members live almost entirely on wild game and fish augmented by a large garden. They do see it as a needed food source whereas for me it's just eating the spoils of what I enjoy doing most. I share a large amount of meat with friends and family. I would release nearly every fish I catch but since my wife grew up on them in the Philippines she would kill me if I didn't provide nearly one for every day.

It's different when you live that way out of necessity that's for sure.

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