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Submitting your pictures

After quite a while of trying to submit my photos, unsuccessfully, I openend Mozilla and tried it that way....no problems.  So, if you're trying to submit photos and you're using Internet Explorer 9, you may want to try a different browser, such as Mozilla. 

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Several people here have had

Several people here have had problems posting anything at all or uploading pictures while useing IE8 or 9 I guess. I really don't have any problems using it myself but I tried to switch to Google Chrome as was recommended and actually seemed to get slowed down more with that one. Not all the time though but it just didn't seem consistent. I have used Mozzila in the past but haven't taken the time to install it in the computer I'm using now.

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I switched over to Mozilla a

I switched over to Mozilla a few years ago and have not looked back.  I seemed to get tons of Pop-ups, viruses, whatever, with Internet Explorer.

When I switched over to Mozilla, I had no problems.  It's actually almost too good, in that sometimes it blocks stuff I actually do want to see or get... lol

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glad it works

Boots, glad to see the change in web browser worked for you. We have found that IE 8 and/or 9 seems to have issues from time to time. We believe it's a caching problem on a user's computer. From our experience we have found that thoroughly deleting and clearing the cache fixes problems in IE 8, but we don't know about IE 9. We have not tested that version yet.

We have had success with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We still believe that Google Chrome is the fastest and most responsive browser out of all 3 "flavors." We have not had the glitches with Firefox and Chrome that we've seen in IE.

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Google Chrome works for me

FYI - you are not alone by any means.  I too had a lot of glitches with Internet Explorer 8 and 9, but have had no problems since I switched over to using Google Chrome.  It works for me. Never tried Mozilla, but I might look into it.

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