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Stupidity of monolithic proportions

Ok, how about this: there was no bashing of others' beliefs prior to Keoeeit's rants. I'm not interested in discussing other peoples' beliefs because I do not have religious debates with people. It is pointless. Keoeeit's remarks were annoying to some, but the source of my own aggravation with regard to Keoeeit is the fact that he felt compelled to spout his gospel on my thread.

If a particular poster, or more than one, wishes to discuss Pagan religions, it would be more sensible that they not start such a discussion on a thread where the topic is the effects of political correctness on what we call Christmas and Christmas trees. If someone wants to discuss, say, the effect (s) of Christianity on Pagan beliefs, then that would be best discussed on its own thread.

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Stupidity of monolithic proportions

Keeoeit, If you walked up to any AVERAGE person in this part of the world and said what you are saying here on this forum, they would beat the living sh*t out of you. No offence, im not saying i would because that would be a waste of time. Know what else is a waste of time, is you trying to sway peoples beliefs over the internet, ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Also this is a hunting forum, YOU HAVE NOT POSTED A SINGLE HUNTING POST YET. So in my mind im wondering why the hell your on this forum. I bet alot of people are to.

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