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Stupidity at it's finest

I found this story of a hunter accidently getting shot, to me it was stupidity. In Oregon your not supposed to have a loaded firearm or bow on an ATV. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt but this could have been prevented altogether by following the law.


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Well, as they say, you just

Well, as they say, you just can't fix stupid!  Glad to see that nobody got killed or seriously hurt, but still.  they put those laws in place for a reason.

Heck, they just had someone killed up in the northeast when he was shot by another hunter.  And, he was actually wearing orange.  So, you really have to be careful, never know what can happen.

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It's good to see that he was

It's good to see that he was not seriously hurt. But like CA_Vermonster said you just can't fix stupid. My first thought was maybe the adult didn't realize the kids gun was loaded but theres no excuse anyway as I laways ask and double check before we do anything. Like getting in the truck or crossing a fence or whatever it may be. Plus they were riding three up on the wheeler. Again not the smartest or safest of situations. Hopefully the lesson was learned and will not be repeated again.

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Some times people need to be

Some times people need to be constantly reminded to unload their firearms before getting on a ATV or even into a truck.  It is a sad day when something like this has to happen to open up some peoples eyes. 

I even had a hunter this last year that came up to me and my 4 wheeler and was talking to me.  I had my rifle laid across the front rack and even with me knowing that it was unloaded it bothered me that he was standing right in front of the muzzle of the rifle.  It actually bother me so much that I picked up the rifle and place it into the gun case just to ease my mind. 

Another year I was hunting with a friend and I had shot a elk.  After the chores were down and we got to my house and had the elk skinned it was too late to go back out that day.  My friend asked me if he could just leave his rifle with me for the night and l said that it would be fine and he headed home.  I picked up his rifle and just happened to notice that it looked like it was cocked and ready to fire.  I worked the bolt and there was a round ready to fire in the chamber.  The next thing that bother me was that the safety wasn't even on.  Needless to say he got a lecture from me the next morning before we left to go find him a elk. 

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Stupid is as stupid does

One of my favorite all time quotes from a movie, "stupid is as stupid does".  There is no better proof of being stupid, whether it is myself or others, than by looking at the things we have done.  Three hunters riding on an ATV is kind of stupid.  Having a loaded gun on an ATV is really stupid.  Even though I have done some really stupid things, I would never even think of taking a loaded firearm (unless it was a pistol safely holstered on my hip or shoulder) on an ATV or in my truck.  Doing stupid things with loaded guns is asking for a Darwin Award!

I'm glad they didn't get killed too.  Just another reminder to be safe at all times, especially when hunting with others or youth.

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I am saddend by this because being stupid should hurt.

Sadly we have to pass laws to eliminate the lowest common denominator and interfer with Darwinism. I say this, not as someone that has never made a mistake, but as one that has made many mistakes and learned from them. When you remove the "hurt" you remove the impact of the lesson and the change it fosters.




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  Perfectly stated Biker!


Perfectly stated Biker! Enough said... except I like that "stupid is as stupid does" remark too!


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