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stupid wannabe hunter question

ok i live in MA and ive wanted to hunt my whole life pretty much but my parents were always against it. now that im older and have a source of income id like to get into the sport, however, i have no idea whatsoever on how to do that and i would just like to know what steps(classes, lisences, ect...) i have to follow in MA in order to get into the sport.

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stupid wannabe hunter question

Hunter Ed link:

lot of info here too:

It looks to me like if you are really interested in hunting. You just need to get in contact with your states Wildlife and Outdoor recreation Dept. They will help get you started Good luck!

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stupid wannabe hunter question

Welcome to the site Ace Big smile There are no stupid questions here. I have no idea what your regulations are and what courses you are required to have in your area, but the first thing I would do is take a hunter safety course. You should be able to collect lots of useful info there. Find a friend or relative that hunts and see if you can tag along and pick their brains for everything they know about hunting. Get out in the woods and observe what's going on around you. See how different animals react by your movements or just sit and be still and you'll be amazed what might come wandering by. Try and read as much about what type of hunting you are interested in. Maybe start out hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels. By all means keep posting your questions and someone can help you out. GOOD LUCK Thumbs up

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stupid wannabe hunter question

Welcome ace7644!

You might want to check out the regional section for MA right here on BGH:
Lots of articles and info.

Visit a local sporting goods store and ask them questions, or join a shooting range or club. Many folks that shoot also hunt.

Like redrider said, no questions are dumb around here.

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Hi I'm in MA too. Thumbs up This is my second season, which makes me new too.
I suggest to by a bow before a gun. The gun laws are tough in MA. Brick Wall,) But bow hunting is not usually a problem. Depending on what town you are in, obtaining an F.I.D card to hunt with a gun can be like asking for the villages first born child. Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,)
To obtain a license to bowhunt you must take a class in archery saftey. And also I believe for 2007 you need to take a basic hunting course even if you don't plan on using a firearm. They changed the rules. (again)
I took my archery class in RI cuz it was closer to me.
MA has more land to hunt on than RI but the season is shorter and no Sundays. Mad
If you go to a sporting goods store, even the major retail chains you can get the MA regs. Also the website the other guys gave you has the exact same thing on PDF on the site. Aside from the Muzzleloader section it's pretty clear. PM me if ya want any more help. Someone helped me when I was starting and I really appreciated it. So I don't mind returning the favor to a fellow future hunter like myself. What part of MA are you in?.

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stupid wannabe hunter question

Ace if you are still looking for information let me know, i live in Western mass and would be more than willing to help you get started if you want

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Take pride in it!


Making the decision to begin hunting is one that takes a huge amount of courage, especially since you come from a non-hunting heritage. There will be many ethical questions that come into play as you learn the sport. The best thing you can do is take a state-sponsored hunter safety course. This can be a bit daunting but dont be afraid to ask questions. Remember, all the other people in the class are there for the same reason- to learn about safe and ethical hunting practices. Learn as much as you can from the classes. Also remember that the classes are the easy part. Doing the actual hunting will be hard beyond your wildest imagination. Afterall, thats why its called hunting and and not killing. Dont be taken in by magazine articles about people that have taken record animals- Those poeple are in a very elite class that includes skill but mostly luck that has put them where they are. Appreciate your potential ability to harvest an animal, be thankful when you finally do and never waste any of it.

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