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Stuck caes

I have been reloading for quite sometime but lately i'm having problems,i.e.when i'm decapping the primer the case gets stuck in the die.I'm using RBS carbide dies which do not require lubricating the case but inspite of lubrication the problem exists.Is it the die which may have worn out or what.Would appreciate advice.

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Stuck caes


At what point does the case get stuck? In the bottom point meaning that the whole case is in the tool or when the expander goes back true the calibrated neck? Either way it can be dirt in the tool that causes the case to stick. Take the tool apart and clean it properly. Have you checked the length of the cases before calibrating? Have you checked the tool for damage?


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Stuck caes

PETERM is correct-dirt is probably the answer--disassebble die and clean with a goo degreaser-acetone-dry with a mop-reassemble and you are good to go

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