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Strange things you've seen deer do ????

I once was hunting a hillside and saw a deer walk out onto the road (remote one) and look at a road kill possum, sniff it, lick it, kick it, and stare at it, it was truly fascinated with what it had found. It must have spent ten min. or so just checking that dead critter out. Anybody see anything else they do that was interesting??

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Strange things you've seen deer do ????

Yep only last week i saw a heap of deer pulling this sleigh with an old codger in it --they were in the sky too---do ya think this is strange.

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Strange things you've seen deer do ????


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Strange things you've seen deer do ????

In general I'm facinated with the way deer will behave in head lights. Deer just seem to want to jump in front of moving vehicles....strange.

Pronghorns have a strange habit that I have observed as well. If it is dark and you are on a dirt road going below 25 miles an hour, sometimes pronghorns will get in the head lights an run along the road ahead of the vehicle along the edge of the light/dark boundary. It is pretty rare but have observed it at least once, and have been told by others that they have observed this as well. Rabbits will do the same thing, but antelope is a bit more strange.

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