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Strange Question

We live in the National Forest near Edgefield SC border. We have heard some strange noises lately.
It sounds like an Elk bugeling. We heard it two weeks ago and then this Monday we heard it four times.
We pulled up Elks bugeling on You Tube and it matched exactly.
As far as we know there are no Elk in this area.
I checked with the local hunting campgrounds and they said that as far as they knew nobody had a caller.
So does anyone have any clue of what we might be hearing???

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Re: Strange Question

Maby sasquash?

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Re: Strange Question

perhaps a pin raised elk or red stag we have some people here in s fl that have some pinned up .. maybe next time you here it hall arse to the sound and try to find it

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Re: Strange Question
Maby sasquash?

My first thought also. Hoggetter beat me to it !!!

Welcome to BGH inthenationalforest
No question is too strange for us here !! Laugh