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Storing guns and ammo together????

I know the common theme is to not store guns and ammo together, to be safe.  However, is that only if you have them in unsecured areas, or do you guys practice that all the time?

I was filling my new safe with my guns, and started to load ammo into the safe too.  I then stopped, remembering that you should never store them together.  ut, if they are secure and locked in a safe, is it okay?

Who does it out there?  Together or not, while in a safe?

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I don't see any problem

I don't see any problem storing them together as long as it is safe.  The idea of keeping them separate came out to keep the younger generation from being able to reach a firearm and ammo so that they could go play with them.  If they are in two different locations there is less temptation.  But when I was growing up I knew where both were kept but I also knew that if I touched either one that I would expect a trip to the doctors to get my dads boot out of my rear end. 

As far as what I do now is that I have a dedicated reloading room in my house and that is where the ammo is.  The safe if for firearms and other expensive items and it is full to the point that I could store very little ammo in it. 

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NEVER STORE AMMO WITH WEAPONS!!!  If you are stashing your guns under the bed, behind those never to be worn again suits and sports jackets in the closet or behind the chest of drawers where "nobody ever looks" then you bet - don't store ammo with guns.  You are putting yours in a secure safe with controlled access.  In spite of what the lawyers and gun phobic citizens may think, just because the rifle sits next to a box of cartridges doesn't mean they are going to somehow mate, escape their prison and run around shooting innocent targets of opportunity.  Only controlled thought and action by a person can load that weapon.  Unless you tell everyone in the house or neighborhood the combination to the safe, you are the only one with the access and ability to load the guns.

Also, if you could look into my safe you'd note that the 870 has a full magazine, the Ruger has 6 rounds of 125 gr .357's in the chamber and the .380 has a full mag.  I'm confident that left alone they aren't going to do anything but if the need arises I can get to them reasonably quick.

The bulk of my ammo is stored in a different secure location if only  because my gun safe just isn't big enough to handle the guns let alone who knows how many boxes and cases of ammo for who know how many differnt calibers and gauges. 

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I don't have room in my safe for my ammo....so its in another locked cabinet.

But I think if it is locked in the safe it would be perfectly fine to keep them together.

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Nothing wrong at all with

Nothing wrong at all with storing ammo with your guns as long as the storage area is lockable and secure from unauthorized entry.  I also see no point in keeping certain guns for home security if they are always kept unloaded, an unloaded firearm is pretty useless.  Any loaded guns kept for security need to be tightly secured, in a small eaily accesable safe.  I only store a limited amount of ammo in my main gun safe.  I don't store all my ammo with my locked up guns because of two reasons 1. space issues, and 2. a degree fire safety.  I don't want all my ammo, powder, primers, and other reloading components in one enclosed spot in case a fire breaks out somewhere in my home.  I keep all that stuff well spaced out and distributed, especially powder and primers, but still locked in dry-box ammo cans. 

It's often stated to never store guns and ammo together, but that reason applies to certain situations and can't just be given as a blanket statment like it often is.  I think that idea applied more to an era or any situation when guns are simply stored in an unlocked closet, pantry, or nightstand drawer. 

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Storing guns and ammo together

I try to keep them separate, but it's not a hard and fast rule.  I keep both locked up, and I agree with previous comments -- guns and ammo are incapable of copulating without human assistance.  So the issue is keeping the human factor out of it.

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No problem if they are in a

No problem if they are in a safe, or in my case two of them.  However, I don't have a single gun in the house so whom am I to say (wink wink, LOL Whistling ).

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With the exception of my

With the exception of my ready hand guns(CPL), all my firearms are stored in a locked safe. All ammo except shotgun shells, which are stored in a seperate building, (because they won't fit in the storage locker) is stored in a Stack On locked cabinet.  There was a burgulary in my neighborhood recently where three firearms were stolen. The owner did not have a gun safe, just had then in a closet.

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