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Stop 20A Antlerless Hunts?

Not sure where I stand on this one. I can't say that I've seen a lot of sickly looking moose in the winter, but then I haven't been out on the Tanana Flats during winter, either.


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Stop 20A Antlerless Hunts?

I'm going to wait until I hear what ADF&G has to say at the public forum this coming Sunday before I make up my mind. My question is, are overall moose numbers actually down or have they just moved into areas where hunters can't find them? Just because someone has hunted an area for years and now claims to not see any moose doesn't mean there are any fewer moose....maybe they just moved elsewhere. Think

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adf&g is clueless!

i know that the cow hunt in 20d was a massacre.they based the hunt on the fact that a biologist flew over the area and saw groups of moose in the winter,like they always are.and thought they were overpopulated,then came up with the only one cow in three is getting bred,what a farce.the same biologist was flying around here doing a moose count at the end of may-beginning of june,when the cows with new calves are still holed up.some accurrate count huh?then the guy sees a herd of bison and calls a local bison farmer telling him that his bison are out,the farmer doesnt think so but will look.the "biologist" replies that they have to be the farmers bison as the wild herd isnt around that area during that time of year.the farmer looks,they are a wild herd ,all his are still in the fence.
these are the idiots that make up the ridiculous laws we have.
just pulled the trapline i have been running since nov.1 that covers large areas and the moose sign is the lowest i have ever seen,i hunt in a different area in 20d and didnt see ANY moose all season. thanks dnr

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