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cscott I am with you on the


I am with you on the grand slam. I don't think you could do all 4 as a diy hunt.  if you are a usa citizen you can't hunt stones with out a guide.  foriegn country, and if you don't have a immiediate family member in alaska you could not hunt dall sheep diy in ak. that law sucks in my mind. 

i think the closest a person could come to that would be, to be a citizen of british columbia, they have dall, rocky and stone.  then pull a desert tag from a usa state.



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Tim, congratulations on a

Tim, congratulations on a great Stone ram.

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Fantastic Sheep.

I am booked with Scoop Lake Outfitters in 2013.  Looking at your photos makes me want to move it up a year.  Give some more information on your elevation, shot distance, bullet weight and caliber when you get a chance.

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