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stolen trail cams

Just had my 4th trail cam stolen. These were placed on private property with cables and locks in addition to the cable that comes with them.
I laugh at the hunting shows where guys have a dozen cameras out at one time...I'd like to know where these guys hunt. Here in Pa it almost seems as though no one has respect for private property anymore!

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trail cam

That really sucks. I had a tree stand stolen once. I hate to even consider these people hunters.

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stolen trail cams

That really sucks, I often wonder if it's other hunters or anti hunting people screwing with you. In any case this is the main reason why I haven't made the investment in a trail cam yet.......................

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stolen trail cams

Buy a cheap camera....or get one that doesn't even work. Put it in a spot where these thieves are sure to find it.

Put it on a tree which will allow you to put another camera ABOVE it, or in a spot where they will not see it. A camera which uses infa red (no flash), no noise. Set it to take a ton of pics when it is activated. You'll get them on camera. Surely it won't take long to identify them. The local bartender will probably know these losers.

There are also cameras which will EMAIL you pictures in real time, and you can have them sent to your phone. In this case the camera they will be attempting to steal will be taking their pictures and sending them to you, as well as immediately notifying you that they are stealing it.

Once you catch them...you can drag them into court for any amount you wish, along with their arrest. Depending on the value of the cams they could be facing a felony. Keep all the receipts for all of the cameras you bought and are missing.

I use a few cams on my property, and although I have never caught someone on it, I only buy cheap ones so that if one or more comes up missing, it doen'st hurt so much. Sorry to hear about your situation. They'll get theirs somehow.

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stolen trail cams

I had trouble with hound owners running coons on my property without permission....I'd go thru alot of work to pattern a big buck on MY land, hunt only when the wind was 100% correct,etc...only to have hound men come running thru the property the night before I wanted to hunt that buck!

I solved that problem with leg hold traps and the "SSS" (shoot/shovel/shutup)

Now I'm wondering what a few well placed pit traps may produce Laugh

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stolen trail cams

I feel your pain regarding the stolen trail cam. I've had several treestands and steps come up missing.

During the Michigan gun season earler this year, I hunted in the morning out of a ground blind in a camo lawn chair. A friend was hunting with me that afternoon, and I had to meet him at the house. I left the ground blind to put my friend in his spot, but when I returned, my camo lawn chair was gone. It wasn't an expensive chair by any means. What makes me so angry about it is the fact that someone would be so low as to do something like that.

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stolen trail cams

Haven't had anything stolen, but then again I am hesitant to leave anything out where I hunt at. Several other people hunt the property and leave their stuff out there.

The only time I feel like I ever violated someones property was when they were on a friends property hunting ducks without permission a.k.a. trespassing. So we took all of their decoys(which I still have) and chained up their boat. They came back about a week later to find all of their decoys gone and their boat chained up. I guess they brought some chain cutters because the boat was gone shortly after.

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stolen trail cams

I'm with Dean on this. I will only buy what I can afford to lose. I've had one stolen on private property also. Would love to get a better cam, but not about to have someone come along and snag it.

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stolen trail cams

Sorry to hear that, that sucks sad The sad thing is the ones stealing them would due the same thing if there stuff come up missing IE, cans, stands etc. --Even thou they didnt but it!!!! NO RESPECT!!!!! I was thinking about getting a couple, one for the deer thats visits my apple trees rght out behind my house Big smile and another to see if i could catch the beaver thats trashing another section of property i have, BUT the problem there is its rght next to a state access to the pond. AND I dont trust people to NOT snag it!!!!!!! Sorry to run on about it.

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