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Still in Shock!!!

Well, just got back from a quick antelope hunt which was a bust. Saw one buck in the area we could hunt and me and dad with doe tags :(! But,...... on a drive thru some canyon country on public land which is my unit for my archery deer tag ran into the biggest buck I've ever seen, including pictures, videos, ever..........

We were cruising by some canyon country to another flat to scan for antelope and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Look over to my left and see a group of bucks in the open about 150 yards off staring at us. From all the antler I saw sticking up I momentarily thought I was looking at elk, but realized it's deer and hit the brakes and grab the binos.

There were six bucks, three bruiser mature ones, two smaller ones, and the absolutely biggest hog I've ever laid eyes on! His rack extended at least a foot beyond his ears on each side and where is forks came up from his main beams they still curved outward instead of up. One other time in my life have I seen a buck that looked like he pushed to high 30 almost 40 inches wide and he looked bigger. The three other bruisers looked high twenties to possibly 30 wide and he dwarfed them. His beams also looked thick and heavy. I was literally in a state of shock and awe as was my dad. We watched them for a good couple of minutes until they sauntered into the cedars and disappeared. There was a water tank on the flat which I think they were coming from and I found deer track of all sizes around it including some big real big track.

I in no way think I've got my tag on this buck and it's likely I'll never see him again, but I am going to start concentrating my efforts in this area and see if I can pick em up again and get some kind of pattern on this group of bucks. Got to work this coming weekend but will be out there the next when I get my three day weekend. The wifes elk hunt is going to have to wait as the unit we can hunt for elk is not this one.

Just has got me amped and excited as all hell to know he's in that area and to have the opportunity to try for him. I've got till end of Dec. so some time to try and get it done. Wished I would have had my camera handy but like I said I was shocked and all I could do was stare at him thru the binos.

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Not only do I wish you see him again, but put a hole in him!! I have seen a few in my day, but one sticks out to this day. I am not sure you could of laid him in the front seat without the windows down. Gets the blood down right pumping!!! When does your season start? Hope you put up a camera or 2 and pattern him the best you can. When they get that big they sure turn into ghosts during season. Hopefully with some rut activity you will get your chance!!! Good luck SoCo !!!!

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You know the saying, BS

You know the saying, BS without pictures!!!!!! lol

Just kidding....... Hope you can hook up with him and take him down.  Sounds like a doozy!

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Good luck !


Sounds like an amazing buck and I wish you all the luck on catching up with him and being able to be sitting behind him in a awesome picture !! Thumbs up


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I would love to see you

I would love to see you holding him in a photo. I would start right in the area you last saw him and hope for the best. At least you know he has been in the area. Good luck.

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Blood flowing

Wow thats exciting. Your going to have a lot of late nights without sleep dreaming about tagging that one! Hope you do. Good luck.

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It is amazing on where a big

It is amazing on where a big buck will show up at. All or most of them that I have found and tracked before the season just disappear until the season is over and then they just show back up.

But I guess that they don't get that big by being stupid.

Good luck on this guy.

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Gents, really appreciate the words of encouragement! My season actually already started. Oct. 1st breaking for one week during the Eastern Plains rifle deer season at the end of Oct. then picking up again during the first week of Nov. and running thru Dec.

Since it was a quick evening then morning hunt I didn't bother taking my bow as we were concentrating on filling our antelope tags. And, I originally thought I would concentrate on deer during the rut. Even planned on hitting a few Eastern plains elk hunts on my off days which is a different unit then this one up until mid Nov.

This of course changes things and I'm going to put some effort on getting a chance on one of these big bucks if not the King hog himself!

I really don't have illusions that he's mine. Like Critter said these kind of guys have a tendency to vanish when one has a weapon in hand to take em. But, it is nice knowing his kind is in the area. And, with a bow instead of rifle the challenge is that much tougher, but I'm ready to try and put in the effort and learn from I'm sure many mistakes I'll make. But that's the juice, what gets the blood pumping and the adrenaline flowing and puts one in the zone. I love it.

Not to sound to corny or dramatic but it was like someone seeing bigfoot or a ufo, you know a situation where you're thinking no one is going to believe me. I'm glad my dad was there and having another witness. Because, I think he would have had a hard time believing me and would think I was exaggerating had he not seen him.

Incidentally, the one other huge monstrous buck I've seen, I'm talking 35 to 40 inch spread was about ten years ago on another antelope hunt by Campo Co while cruising thru some canyon country on private property. There are some big bucks in the canyons out East!

I've been looking at pics of 40 inch mule deer on the net and he looked all of that! He looked to be a clean 4x4 not a non typical and was just obscenely huge, almost looked comical when you're not used to seeing that much horn on a deers head,turned me to jello couldn't believe it for awhile. Just seeing a buck of that caliber I feel very fortunate to have been able to so that in itself was a gift.

Again, thanks guys!

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Really hope you are able to

Really hope you are able to see and kill that buck!  Good Luck and we look forward to your pic!

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Good luck. I hope you can

Good luck. I hope you can find him again and shoot straight.

Those big bucks are hard to find. I've only seen 1 buck pushing 40" and it was last winter while working in Utah. and of corse I didn't have my camera. I made a special trip home to pick up my camera thinking he would still be in the area and I never saw him again.

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Any luck on finding him yet?

Any luck on finding him yet? Getting closer to prime time here in the next 7-10 days! Good luck!!

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